I’m a twenty-something.

that loves my boyfriend of 5 years[J]. (see above).

my family. friends.

NAIL POLISH. traveling. DIY.

documenting my life on this blog.

[brackets] ..strange, I know.

allllll holidays.

[the occasional] cocktail. photographing everything. BEER.

& life.


I’m a born & raised iowan.

where I graduated college [go hawks!] as a biz-nas student. in 2010.

that’s when the real adventure began …

update: february 6, 2013

I officially made another move. to ..

des moines, IA.


this blog is about my life.

sometimes its funny. sometimes its educational. sometimes its exciting.

but it’s always 100% me. just the way it is.


whatever brought you to my little space ..

thank you for visiting! ♥

if you’re new, here’s a couple places to start:

{how I chose NYC}

{my first month in the big apple}

{6 months as a new yorker}

{the decision to move back west}

{the day we TRIED to move}

{when LLinaBC was born}

{moving to des moines}

I hope you enjoy. at least half as much as I do.

[seriously, I AM a laugh-at-my-own-jokes kinda gal].

have a cocktail. OR COFFEE. depending on the time of day.

and stay awhile.


2 Responses to about

  1. Taylor says:

    Wow, are we living the same life here? The only difference is your blog is like 100xcuter. That must be the creative New Yorker in you.

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