on cloud 9.

my lovely ‘creative director,’ [J], put in overtime this weekend. a lot of overtime.


LLinaBC is getting a makeover.

a huge one.

the goal is to have my blog’s new home up & running by tomorrow morning. we’re hoping for a smooth transition, but if that’s not the case – please bare with us.

I cannot wait for you all to see.

[if this was potty training, the new blog is big girl undies].

cleaner, prettier, & easier to navigate.

it makes me want to sing ‘a whole new world’.


as if tomorrow isn’t exciting enough, [J] is sharing a pancake recipe!

happy earth day.

see you tomorrow.


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the week in photos.

happy friday all.

last night, [J] & I played in a coed soccer game. I had hoped it wasn’t cancelled because of the rain. then we arrived. the temperature said 37°. the wind took your breath away. it started snowing. and I soon began to regret wanting to play. it was awful. let’s just say, [J] & I went directly to target after our game for icy hot, heating pads, and gatorade.

onto ‘the week in photos’ ..


cozy, carb-filled lunch on a cold, rainy day.


[J] & I finally got reusable caribou coffee cups. we go there so often. we now have beautiful, environmentally-friendly transporters of our coffee. it’s the little things in life.


this was on our way to our soccer game. I thought I was excited.


it looks bright & green. don’t let that fool you. brrrrr!


[J] & I have spent the majority of our morning watching the news. it is absolutely surreal what has/is happening. our thoughts are with boston.



have an amazing weekend.


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72+ hours of darkness.

with the amount of rain we’re getting this april ..we’re bound to have many may flowers.

my second coed soccer game is suppose to be tonight. but with all this rain & flooding ..it’s not looking too promising. I want to play! my muscles have finally recovered from saturday’s game. and if it’s cancelled, I have to go to the gym. [please don’t be cancelled].


my mom & I met this afternoon for an impromptu lunch date. that’s the nice thing about being only two hours apart, meeting in the middle is feasible at a moments notice. it was fun.

 a couple blog updates:

  • by monday, there will be a page for {The Thread Affect} & I’s book club on LLinaBC. it’ll feature all of our past reads + reviews. our current book. & upcoming info.
  • speaking of book club, this month’s book is {The Paris Wife}. the review is on the calendar for – thurs, may 2nd.
  • more big, exciting changes on the horizon for the blog. mostly in thanks to my creative director – [J].
  • the first video tutorial has entered the editing process. oh boy!


one more thing.

to do or not to do – faux glasses?


happy thursday all.

may the sunshine be with you.


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