must-have product.

let me introduce you to one thing I always have with me. and cannot live without.

eucerin aquaphor

last year, I was diagnosed with eczema. and my skin decided it would throw a temper tantrum when put in contact with basically anything. my dermatologist told me to throw away any lip stick, balm, or gloss I owned. and introduced me to this gem – aquaphor [from eucerin].

it began solely as my lip balm.

and now I’m obsessed. it’s amazing.


[they sell smaller containers. perfect for your purse or pocket].


occasionally my eyelids get a little dry – I apply a little aquaphor. and can put my eye shadow right over it.


when the seasons change, my nose peels. it’s ridiculous.


obviously on any dry skin – especially your poor winter knuckles.

plus my newest discovery ..



and the scent lasts much longer.

I’m reluctant to take or give skin care recommendations. mine is very picky. but aquaphor is a product I’ve loved since the day we met. and I would never share it, if I didn’t think it was beneficial.

it’s a tad pricier than what I was used to spending on “lip balm”. but it’s proved to be worth every cent. and has multiple uses.

have you used it before? do you have sensitive skin? what do you use?

ohhh the days when I could use dr. pepper lip balm. and it did the trick.

happy hump day.



About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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5 Responses to must-have product.

  1. I’m using lip balm from Eucerin and it’s amazing!! My skin is basically peeling itself during winter all over because it’s so dry and the humid-cold-windy weather up north doesn’t help. What really works for me too is products from The Body Shop – lotions, shower creams, shampoo. And now I guess I have to try aquaphor ;)

  2. asliceofmudpie says:

    I discovered this in the hospital when I had Harrison, they gave out free samples. Now I always keep it on hand. I have extremely sensitive skin as well, and can’t use most products!

    • chelset says:

      my dermatologist gave me free samples too ..and it wasn’t long before I noticed HUGE progress. at first I was reluctant to toss out all my lip balm, but after using aquaphor ..I’ve never gone back! it’s all I use. [J]’s addicted too, he always has a small one in his pocket!

  3. Caitlyn says:

    AHH. Aquaphor is the best invention. I discovered it when I went on Accutane in 7th (yep, 7th!) grade and it dried me out. I carried the small ones everywhereeeee. To this day I still find them in random drawers and pockets. I’ve upgraded to the big jar thing you have and swear by it!

    • chelset says:

      it’s amazing! I carry the small ones with me, but if I have my “bigger” purse – I take the big jar. I have not purchased any lip balm for over a year ..I just use aquaphor. and I’ll never go back.

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