snowed in. and so much to do.

I opened my eyes. looked out the window. and only white. the “slight dusting” we had in our forecast turned out to be another winter storm. meet rocky. [at least he has a better name than last week’s “winter storm Q”].


all I know is it’s not suppose to end until tomorrow. at noon. ugh! did I ever mention I highly despise driving in extreme conditions when it’s snowing? & [J] is gone until the end of the week. so you can find me at home. accomplishing what I’ve been putting off.


the problem areas: the pantry. & the home office.

[J] you should be so, so happy you’re away – I’d be puttin’ you to work!

I’m currently indulging in a love/hate relationship with pinterest. on one hand: so many great ideas & inspiration. on the other: such high standards.

I’m starting with the pantry.




I will not be painting or making any cosmetic changes to the pantry. I just want to organize the food storage. hellllllo that’s the point, right? plus, we’re renting I’d have to paint it back. no way jose. it’s a closet!!

meet my pantry inspiration.

our fifth house pantry

{our fifth house}

hi sugar plum pantry

{Hi Sugarplum!}

a bowl full of lemons pantry{a bowl full of lemons}

the house of smiths pantry{the house of smiths}

wish me luck. as much as I love the finished project. and even the process of organizing. beginning is so daunting. but thanks to nasty rocky, I have little choice.

if you’re in the snow storm’s rath: stay warm. & safe. if you’re not, like [J]: you’re lucky.

happy tuesday.



About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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