the man behind the brackets.

[J] & I were in my hometown last week for the holidays. and in many cases an introduction was not necessary, people knew – he’s [J]. his face, stories, and concocted blog name grace the pages of LLinaBC daily frequently. but the poor man may have lost his real identity. [even though I tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth when I blog]. I figured I should give him a chance to tell his side of the story.

meet ..

and his side of the story ..

although some believe it may be [J], I do in fact have a full name; Jeffrey. aka jeff, jeffe, jeffelito, seriously. whatever you prefer. just don’t call me sally, that’s just mean. if i were to make the brackets official, I’d be in the same ballpark as Prince… awesome.

I do feel many people I have never met know me pretty well, more than I would expect, but who can hate that. I’m like an unknown movie star, baller status. we walked into a hometown watering hole where “everybody knows your name,” and that became ultimately true. a number of people knew me as [J], and that alone made me very proud of chelsea. so I can’t be mad.

on the occasion I lend my thoughts and proofread posts. typically I love the content and give it an easy two thumbs up.

hands down, favorite part is driving in a car for four hours and listening to the amazing thoughts and ideas that come out after a large iced coffee, large hot coffee, and some mountain dew; simultaneously. epic. I admit she can be pretty damn funny.

[he’s referring to our {thanksgiving day road trip}. my bad. and the creation of our dance move, the TURKEY TWERK, to the beat of “teach me how to jerk”. I’m warming him up to the idea of recording him performing it. in the meantime, see below ..]

having to be in pictures when I really just don’t want to. but we have to BTS, so I give in.

[“BTS”: blog that shit. bahaha].

the most creative, outgoing and courteous person I know. she will tell you like it is or how it should be. I couldn’t imagine a better person in my life.


many little lessons have been learned along the way. but all-time favorite post would be on february 16, 2011, titled “what can happen in 1 month?”. that was the beginning of one of our best chapters, and to see her true excitement on “paper” just melted my heart. the trials and tribulations made us both better people individually and as one. that moment of her moving to NYC will never be forgotten.

[his favorite post {what can happen in 1 month}].


so there you have it. he’s a real boy. and frankly, I believe I do a great job telling our story. but why not give him a chance to “clear the air”. if you ever have any questions for the “mystery man,” you can send them to me. I’ll ensure they get to the right person! I don’t want him to feel spoken for.

on a different note – it’s no longer monday!

happpppy tuesday.


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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9 Responses to the man behind the brackets.

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  2. FitFashRun says:

    Awwwwe!! He’s so right, you’re so creative and fun! :) Too bad we never caught “none of yo’ business” dancing on tape, though there is a Skosh Show of the Spice Girls floating around somewhere!

  3. FitFashRun says:

    Awwwe, how cute! :-) And he’s pretty spot on that you’re awesome and hilarious! Too bad we never caught the “None of yo’ Business” dancing on video!

  4. Rachelle Bawcom says:

    Haha… It’s so true that when you meet Jeff, it’s like you already know him because of your blog. Baller Status…

  5. singlemamalife says:

    It was good to see you over the break, and of course, to meet J!

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