the not-so-vacation.

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I come home to visit my parents ..I go into vacation-mode. I want to eat everything, shop with no concern for budget, and DAY drink. it’s strange. so, this is a “what I’ve done the past 24 hours” post. [in photos].

I packed. ran out of room. and then proceeded to take over [J]’s suitcase. standard.

road trip essentials: jimmy johns & dunkin iced coffee.

went to our favorite pizza joint in my hometown, {the OP}. to watch the bears lose miserably, and …

eat pizza. our favorite is the grinder [“a special blend of sausage & beef topped with onions, jalapenos, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese”]. but then we saw the reuben pizza, and had to get that too.

spent quality time with meeko. [he’s mine. I adopted him in ’07. he just so happens to live with his grandparents. who spoil him rotten].

he wouldn’t even let [J] brush his teeth in peace.

we also made sure lexi [my parent’s zuchon] got attention. look at that face!

had lunch at noodles & company [a staple of mine]. with my mom & [J].

and christmas came early this year folks ..

I got FOUR new OPI colors [metallic4life, FLY, plugged-in plum, big apple red] and a new essie top coat. nothing brightens my day like new nail polish. [slight exaggeration. but now you know how happy I am].

[J] & I are off go shopping. and possibly get a brew, or two ..because after all I’m on  not-so-vacation.

happy tuesday.


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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One Response to the not-so-vacation.

  1. I do the same thing when I’m back in Iowa! The eating and shopping seem to be uncontrollable back home! Jealous of your new OPI colors, love them all!

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