nasty hurricane sandy.

in “honor” of hurricane sandy [that witchh] …I’m going to momentarily rant & rave about her nasty cousin that tried to ruin [J] & I’s birthdays last year.. evil irene.

you can read the whole story {here}. but the short version is… we were leaving new york for a birthday vacation in miami. she [nasty irene] delayed our flight, over 3+ hours ..but eventually, we escaped. [thank goodness].

then came the damn jellyfish – that irene conveniently carried with her from the bahamas during her trip up the coast and dropped them off in miami. so much for enjoying a swim in the ocean…

and the real kick in the pants …

our monday AM flight back home – cancelled. after 45 mins on hold with JetBlue, we discovered the next chance for us to board a plane & head back to NYC was friday morning. hmm, excuse me – that’s 4 days away! usually I’d love being stranded in beautiful miami with a valid excuse for missing work ..but we did NOT want the expense of extending our vacay [hotel, food, etc]. and after a long birthday weekend, we were ready to go home.

so we drove.

24 hours from MIAMI to NYC.

I’m getting flustered just talking about it …


so while I am over-joyed to be missing irene’s witch of cousin – sandy.. my heart goes out to those facing her wrath. whether you’re trying to travel in or out of NYC. or you can’t escape your apartment for fear of being blown away. I’m thinking of you, hoping for the very best, & praying her damage will be just as overrated as irene’s.

sandy go away. & don’t come back. [with any cousins either].


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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