the week in photos.

happy friday.

[J], our friend – David, & I are ON OUR WAY TO IOWA. [again?? I know …].

we went to des moines a couple weeks ago for our friend’s pre-wedding festivities [as mentioned here] …well this weekend it’s the real deal. time to tie the knot. david & [J] are in the wedding party. and well… I’m just bringing the party… to the dance floor [joking-ish].

as always with our trips to iowa: I can’t wait to see our friends. celebrate. & just be in my home state. [regardless of the fact I am getting real sick of the drive & gas prices]. that’s beside the point, because it’s worth it. last weekend was. & this weekend will be.

so you can assume my blog will be plastered with ridiculous photos on monday. maybe I should consider abstaining from alcohol for awhile? wait – I just found this article. it says if I do, I’ll shorten my life. guess I won’t. [thanks google].

onto the ‘week in photos’ …

during my hometown visit last weekend, I learned how to fishtail braid [via youtube, seriously]. I’m really proud of myself.

also while I was home …

people always say I look identical to my mother. but this photo just goes to show – I get my eyes [or lack thereof] from my father. the second shot is us trying to keep our eyes open while smiling – you get one or the other folks!

on monday night, the guys sat on the couch to watch MNF – bears vs. lions. with beers. while I gladly forced myself on the treadmill ..& watched full house! let’s just say tailgating won this week [per the 8 week challenge] …

[J] & I were desperate for a ‘quick lunch’ ..but needed a healthier option – so, we had trader joe’s sushi. I’ve never had take-out, grocery store sushi before. but from trader joe’s ..I’d do it again!

my weekend manicure …classic black & white.

and last but not least – I mailed my absentee ballot for the presidential election. every vote counts.

that is all.



About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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