current obsessions.

two things…

iowa girl eats.



ok, I’ve been ‘obsessed‘ with iowa girl eats for awhile now. she has the BEST recipes, hands down! the pictures + the ingredients lure me in ..& the scrumptious-ness of the food keeps me coming back. I’ve made so, so many of her recipes, and they’ve all been “keepers”. [bonus: she’s from iowa!].

then there’s quinoa.

the health benefits are never-ending. the versatility is insane. & it gets a thumbs up on taste.

so when I saw this picture + these nutritional facts on Iowa Girl Eats’ blog

I knew I had to try mini ham & cheese quinoa cups, that very day.

the ingredients are simple. and so is the recipe. you put everything together in a mixing bowl. stir.

place in a mini muffin tin. [makes approx. 32 minis].

bake @ 350° until golden brown [15-20 mins].

and viola, fall in love with Iowa Girl Eats’ amazing creations!

I only have one thing on my mind this week, and it’s [J] & I’s weekend trip to my hometown + a visit to Iowa City for some hawkeye football [& TAILGATING].
and since [J] & I are on a healthy lifestyle track & know how tempting tailgating treats are ..we’re bringing healthy, tasty options! and you can bet these mini ham & cheese quinoa cups will be present. so if you’re in Iowa City this weekend, you can stop by our tailgate & sample!

only TWO more days of waiting. [we’re heading out on thursday]. woo hoo!

stop by tomorrow for a “midweek chuckle” :)


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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