I’m a “health conscious” work in progress.

as I mentioned on friday, [J] & I are working very hard to be more health conscious.

I know the difference between HEALTHY & UNHEALTHY choices, but I also know how great a juicy cheeseburger & fries can taste. I know the benefits of working out, but I also know the joy a nap brings to me. see my dilemma?

well, it was time for a change. and I found the most amazing tool to get [J] & I on the right track and in the right mindset. I’m a visual person, so the second I saw this ..I KNEW it would work.

meet the Six Sisters’ Stuff: 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge.

everything is beautifully laid out. all we had to do was print two copies. [J] got us binders. and we were on our way …[& reallllly excited].

each week we have two forms to fill out.

the point challenge.

you get points each day for doing good things, such as: drinking 64 oz of water, not eating after 9PM, 3 veggie servings, 2 fruit servings, keeping a food journal, working out, avoiding sweets, & being in contact with a teammate [which is easy, since I live with mine].


the food journal.

I’ve only heard great things about keeping a food journal. but every time I attempted to start one it fell apart, quickly. the way the six sisters’ stuff laid out the food journal – fool proof. I’m a week into the challenge and haven’t missed recording a single meal. I’ve found it’s the best way to keep myself accountable ..I don’t want to see a single french fry or piece of candy on that sheet! ok, maybe just one.

you weigh in once a week, on sundays. last night [J] & I relecutantly hopped on the scale. we’ve been working so hard to be successful. we’ve worked out 6 days. had zero sweets. drank borderline too much water. & ate healthy meals. so we HOPED to see results, drumroll please …





and I lost SIX!

I know each week will be harder than the one before, but we are very ready & willing to make the necessary changes & commitments to living much, much healthier lifestyles. [with the bonus of getting those “great bods“].

at the end of the 8 weeks [on december 2nd], I’ll share my total weight loss.

jump on the bandwagon! [weigh in on sunday & begin the challenge on monday]. I’m only a week in, still optimistic, & fresh off a 6lb weight loss, BUT – if you’ve been wanting to lose weight/get healthier… this is the best tool.

ask me in two weeks how I feel about the challenge ;)

have a grrrrreat monday.


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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