I have a secret …







[especially by mail].

it can be a day-maker when you receive a great free sample in the mail. call me crazy, but don’t judge until you’ve tried. my strategy is simple. I google “free samples” and explore. [a couple of sites I frequent: mommy saves big, shop4freebies, freeflys]. obviously, use discretion [as with any internet wandering]; but you can truly find great samples + coupons this way.

another great, more straightforward option – head right on over to your favorite stores websites; walmart, target, & costco each offer various samples you can request to be sent to your mailbox.

I did some of my own sample searching this weekend. and wanted to share my finds.

  • allyou.com offers a new sample each day.
  • sign up for P&G everyday – they will send you samples & coupons that you choose.
  • Twinings USA lets you hand-select three of their 50+ tea varieties ..which they ship straight to your doorstep. [I chose english breakfast, pumpkin spice chai, & mint green. cannot wait for them to arrive!]
  • last but not least – go to Yogi Organic Tea and send a well-wish/e-card to one of your tea-loving friends. I sent a “relax” tea set to [J] ..it’s completely free & customizable!

[he was so excited when he received it – he sent me a screenshot/”thank you“]

why do I love samples so much?

niveast. iveslipton tea & honeyshout color catcher


taylor swift wonderstruckU by kotexgarnier fructis fall fight

nescafe memento [so, so scrumptious. especially now that it’s fall].

I only request samples of items I know I’ll use. or want to try. [almost all the samples come with coupons too. so if you love it, you can buy the full size with a discount!]

I even have a designated basket …

happy sampling!!

& you’re welcome ;)


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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