the week in photos.

yesterday I indulged in a full-blown MTV “awkward” marathon. and by full-blown, I mean basically every episode in season 2. [including the finale]. I am not proud of this and without a doubt questioning my age. I was hooked ..I had to know who she [jenna] chose in her quintessential high school love triangle [matty or jake]. in case you were wondering, I was backing team matty.


[she looks confused – but to me there is no confusion …I go with mr. shirtless]

is there a point to this rambling? well in fact, there is. jenna [the star of awkward] is a blogger. she blogs about everything. partially because she doesn’t think a single person [that knows her] reads it. then her love triangle explodes at school, and everyone goes straight to her blog to uncover hints of who she would choose. my lesson ..she didn’t give a flying effffff what a single person thought. everyone had an opinion [which will always happen]. but her life was hers, her opinion was the only one that mattered, & she just kept chuggin’ along no matter the obstacle. thank you jenna [fictional character]. you have inspired me to give less of a F.

  • is my life picture perfect? nope.
  • have I been sharing less lately? yes.
  • does a single person live a perfect life? if so, I’m unaware!
  • is this blog about life’s lesson? it’s suppose to be. so from now on ..I will be sharing much more. regardless of my reluctance. so brace yourselves …

in the meantime, it’s friday. and that means, the week in photos. so the above was a warning about what next week will bring. but for today, let’s keep it light ..

I was craving sweets, so I picked up two of [J] & I’s favorite indulgences ..mixed them together in snack bags. & viola!

my mom always stops in Galena, IL on her way to visit me. and I always benefit. love the wines at Galena Cellars ..and she always picks me up a few of my favorites :)

[J] is the king of practical gifts. [which I love]. like him replacing my broken car remote last week. or this week …replacing the dead battery in my watch. it’s the little things that mean the most!!

on the subject of [J], he’s coaching a high school soccer team. and I finally got the chance to see a game. what happens when I get there …downpour. that I tried to wait out in the car. thankfully it lightened up a bit just before half and I got to see a good chunk of the game.

he’s a pretty attractive soccer coach if you ask me. and the kids look up to him so much!

still on the subject of him ..we were at Target the other day, going through the $1 aisle at the front of the store, when I found this “grow your own chinese forget-me-not flower kit“. it was a dollar and [J] “highly doubted” I could grow it & keep it alive. so I was going to prove him wrong.

the photo on the left I took 5 days ago. on the right is my plant today. take that mr. skeptic …my plant is growing like a champ.

morning iced coffee & a very berry parfait. courtesy of caribou.

after the toast to a cure event, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on re-purposing the centerpieces – aka the mason jars. we had three 1 gallon jars that I immediately used to cold-brew coffee in.

and the medium-sized jars, perfect size for my morning coffee.

the weekend is upon us enjoy!!!!

see you on monday :)


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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