the week in photos.

it is a dark, rainy monday.

so I will momentarily reminisce on last week. for cheering up purposes.

[& because friday lacked “my week in photos.again.]


my “little” brother turned twenty-four on tuesday. which means two things: 1) we’re the same age. 2) I have twenty days before my birthday. oh yes folks, we’re “irish twins“. [definition: siblings born less than 12 months apart]. that’s us. so my days being twenty-four are dwindling. but back to him. he lives in colorado, so this year we had to settle for a telephone “happy birthday“. BUT he did send me a picture of his gift from his girlfriend [whom I have yet to meet] …and I had to share. she’s clearly a great gift-giver.

[a bag set: iowa hawkeyes & the colorado flag].

on thursday, it was [J]’s little sister’s eighteenth birthday. [birthdays galore]. we all benefited. yahoo! we enjoyed a delicious homemade breakfast.

[I will never be too old for a pancake with a face. never].

we got dressed up for dinner. I went classy + fun. classy being my LC Lauren Conrad Blazer. fun being my red denim. and the bonus piece, my objets d’envy rock candy bracelet. [compliments of the BF. he’s a good gift-giver too].

on our way to the birthday dinner …

[isn’t he such a doll??]

and guess who was there? my best friend. sweet, precious, 1 month old callen. ahhhhh. True or False: I ate my dinner as fast as I possibly could so I could hold him while everyone else ate. TRUE! and then I passed him on to [J] …

[aw, the sweetest].

and onto the random moments of the week …

my grandma sent me a care package. I love when they magically appear on the doorstep. I’m like a kid on christmas opening them. her cookies are amazing!

[she sure used the space wisely: I’ll be 10lbs heavier, but happy after all these].

I had to …

[got to love a good popcorn ball].

we played keep away from the dog …

[she was less than impressed].

and last but not least, I came to the realization that we I take an overload of “car pictures” …

[that does not mean they will stop].

it’s monday: make the most of it.

happy week all.


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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