lollapalooza recap.

I had an amazing weekend. at my first ever music festival.

day 1: friday after work, I headed straight to grant park to meet [J] & his friend. they had been there the entire day. & had their schedule perfectly mapped out. I had two choices: go along with them or wander myself & be lost forever [my phone died as soon as I stepped through the gates]. I just went with it. we saw passion pit, M83, NERO, & bass nectar. I never considered myself a DJ fan, but nowI want to be one! [NERO was a close #1 for me!]

[the end of day 1: bass nectar]

day 2: train ride in. arrive to lolla gates at 1:45ish. what happens forty-five minutes later? storm evacuation. we meet up w/ friends. walk to find a bar you can actually breathe/move in. but before we do.. the storm hits.. & by hits I mean sand bullets + 70mph winds + torrential downpour. what do we do? run into the nearest door of course… a hot dog bodega [with no alcohol sales, of course]. three hours later ..the show resumed. a bit muddy. [we saw FUN, calvin harris, and avicii].

[train ride into the city].

[rewind: prior to getting on the train ..we made a grocery alcohol stop. & met staley, the chicago bears mascot. needless to say, [J]’s childhood dream has been fulfilled].

[let’s just say the evacuation helped business. all of a sudden there’s triple the amount of people. this is how close we got to seeing FUN].

[product of the “storm“].

[but we survived. & had a blast].

day 3: we’re exhausted at this point. but it is the last & final day, so the most exciting in some regard. we woke up early-ish. [J] cooked a good, hearty breakfast. and we were off. we saw the gaslight anthem, of monsters and men, and florence and the machine. [we didn’t get to see a headliner on sunday night. I have a 4AM alarm clock M-F, remember?]. I am the newest, biggest fan of – of monsters and men. they’re amazing.

[the good, hearty breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, & dunkin iced coffee. my ideal].

[rockin’ my fedora …that hipster].

[I mentioned I wanted to be a DJ. well, I got a rasberry-scented tattoo to prove it].

[the night winding down].

[we got really close to florence. as you can see. last show of our lollapalooza].

more things about this magical weekend will come up. [prime example: the amazing “fashion finds” I stumbled on while enjoying the scenery]. plus [J] took a lot of great (notbroken-camera-phone-material) photos, that maybe, just maybe, he’ll put on the lovely blog of his. for our viewing pleasure.

until tomorrow …

happy wednesday.

we’re half way to friday.


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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