only in louisiana.

[J] & I flew to NOLA on Friday morning for my gorgeous friend, Rachelle’s wedding. {see engagement pictures here}. Neither of us had ever been, so we wanted to get a little sight-seeing in before the two-hour drive to the wedding location.

we walked down bourbon street. and stopped for lunch at the famous Pat O’Briens. where we got hurricanes. obviously!

plus I had GRITS for the first time in my life, shrimp & grits to be exact. at first I was more than confused where the grits were …oh they’re the potato pancake things on top. thanks for clarifying [J] :)

we then wandered toward another new orleans staple: cafe du monde. [famous for their coffee & beignets]. we split 3 beignets & an iced cafe au lait. absolutely delicious. ask the sidewalk, we shared A LOT of our powder sugar with it. THEN:


If it’s raining in NOLA, do not wear flip flops. we had such a long walk back down bourbon street and I was slip sliding everywhere. [please note: I did not fall once. but approx. 7 “almosts”].

grateful to be back at the car. ready to drive to the wedding location. looking like HOT MESSES. [this is what happens when you walk through a downpour ..w/o an umbrella].

finally at the hotel and cleaned up ..I was REUNITED with my beautiful friends [we haven’t all been together since oct. ’10].

the wedding was at 6PM on saturday. so 3 of us girls + [J] had the day for mischief. #ONLYINLOUISIANA: drive thru daiquiri stands. [not a joke].

the menu: 40+ frozen alcoholic concoctions. I got a strawberry margarita [32 oz/the size of my head]. all we could say was: “how is this legal?“. we arrived safely back at the hotel before indulging. [minus a sip or two ..I had to test it out!].

it took me two hours to drink it. plus about two more hours to recover. then one hour to get ready for the wedding. I must say: we clean up well. [even after drinking too much, whoops].

the wedding was gorgeous. the reception was a blast. and more importantly…

I loved every single second of being with my friends again!

after the wedding, [J] & I slept ONE HOUR. drove two hours back to the new orleans airport. boarded the plane at 5:30AM. and arrived safely back in chicago at 8AM on mother’s day. we were a tad a lot exhausted, but it was worth it. [thank you for having us rachelle & bryce. your wedding was beautiful]. til we see each other again .. <3

happy monday all, let the week begin :)


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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