work out day 1: top 3 fast/slow food.

today marks the start date of my bad ass, no fail, work out plan. [scared, ready!]. but I thought in consideration for my food cravings on this day …I would spotlight my top three “fast/slow food” go to’s. and one FAST FOOD love.

panera bread.

I’ve had an obsession with this place since high school. but when I was in NYC there was NONE, so whenever I had cravings to hoboken, NJ I went. [which was far]. when I moved back to the midwest …”HELLO PANERA, I’ve missed you!” Join MyPanera member’s club. I got a free pastry just for registering my card [I got in-store] online!! When we stayed in hoboken our last night in NY/NJ ..we had panera for breakfast [loooove]. my breakfast go to’s:

you’re never going to have a bad meal at panera. whether it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. they have healthy options. their soups, salads, + sandwiches can tempt anyone’s taste buds.

charley’s grilled subs.

any charley’s I’ve ever come across has been in a mall food court [clearly amazing, ha]. but until [J] forced me to order from one in college, I steered clear. my first experience: hoooooked. you order your sandwich. watch it made in front of your eyes. devour delicious sandwich + fries. my go to:

  • chicken buffalo sandwich
  • if you have extra calories to use up, gourmet fries: cheddar, bacon, ranch [I die].

noodles & company.

last but not least.

I could eat here every single day for every single meal. no questions asked. it was a delicacy to me. only when I came to the chicago suburbs with [J] did I get to indulge. [then the year after I left college, they built one]. [see if there’s a location near you]. I signed up for their online club long, long ago. called noodlegram [join]. I get free birthday meals, great specials, and even the occasional free deal. like this week … all noodles’ locations are getting coca-cola freestyle machines. so they sent out free drinks to allllllll noodlegram members. [THANK YOU NOODLES!]. [J] & I went to noodles that afternoon :)

[J] & I got 4 beverages ..

  • strawberry sprite
  • raspberry coke zero
  • orange sprite
  • peach sprite

find your coca-cola freestyle flavor :)

+ my go to: pasta fresca <3

for fast food:

go to sonic.

the ultimate drink stop.

happy hour [1/2 off drinks] every day from 2P-5P.

[get the route 44. it’s the biggest].

on that note …it is time to go work out.

happy MAY [day] all.

[I am going to be partaking in Fat Mum Slim’s #PhotoAdayMay via instagram. follow me: chelset].


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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