just call me snow white.

As soon as I learned how to dress myself, or maybe even before then, my mom had it fully ingrained in my head I was a “winter color“.

What the heck does that mean?

Simple: I’m pale, with the inability to tan [for the life of me]. I have freckles, the only hint of color on my face. And I have dark brown hair. It has been referred to as black, but its not [even though I would love some sultry black Kardashian locks ..probly not going to happen].

I love bright colors; especially coral, purple, & green. [green “brings out my eyes” ..apparently]. My [boring] favorite colors to wear are black & grey. Quite possibly because I can pair absolutely ANY accessory in my collection with them. It’s a good thing I like to wear these colors, because according to genetic make-up + fashion color experts …these are the colors I SHOULD be wearing.

My “go to” colors …{source}

Clear Winter color palette coloring seasonal color analysis

What if I don’t want to though?

Is it just me or are light neutral, pink, and off-white colors ALWAYS “in”? Probably just me (even though they’re “in” a lot). I suffer from the “red button syndrome” I’ve discussed before. [I do, crave, want things I shouldn’t. examples: mountain dew, cheeseburgers, jersey shore. you get it]. I walk in a clothing store and head straight for the “off-limit colors“.

the gorgeous, wish I could wear, “no, no’s”. {source}

I never go as far as actually purchasing them, thanks to the voice in my head …”they’ll wash you out“. But I did a little research, to convince me I should steer clear of my “absolute no’s.” I discovered if you’re wearing the “right” colors ..the stars align [basically] …

  • You can wear less makeup, because your natural beauty will outshine your ‘imperfections’.
  • You will look awake and refreshed.
  • And you will glow!

Whooa!! So unless pigs fly …& I become a tan, blue-eyed, “summer” ..I’ll avoid the tempting light shades. But you can’t keep a girl from dreaming ..

What is your season? And your ‘go to’ colors?

I am “clear winter” [that sounds awful]. But over at The Chic Fashionista, it’s the same category as Megan Fox …I’ll take that. Don’t know your ‘season’ .. discover here. [The Chic Fashionista will point you to the right color palette]. The stars will align …& voilà :)


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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