flower delivery.

Insert: best friend. The friend who is girly, in the “pink & princess” kind of way. My friend who loves love and all things uber cheesy [aka the hopeless romantic]. The friend who drops hints to your boyfriend about what you “really want” for the upcoming holiday. Yes, that friend. We all have one and I love mine to pieces. She just had a birthday [happy 24 bfffman]. We live countless miles apart and she lives in a state with a “no shipping alcohol policy,” so I decided to send flowers. [Obviously wine was my first choice].

I searched & searched until finally deciding on a bouquet of bright tulips. [February in the Midwest ..you appreciate reminders of a warmer, greener time]. It had vase options: no vase, clear oval, or a  pink or purple cube. Duh, PINK CUBE. It literally sung her name the second I selected it. Perfect! Done & done. So I thought …

The day arrives, she receives the flowers, loves them, and promises to post a picture. The picture is posted and my mouth drops. What the heck is that oval clear vase doing around the flowers? Hello, full karate chop mode. I only paid TWO additional dollars for the pink cube, but this was a matter on a much higher level. I calm down and write a kind, quizzical email to customer service.

[the pretty, but not wanted “clear oval” vase].

1-800-Flowers [timely] response: shipping a brand new 30-tulip bouquet, fully equipped with the [NECESSARY] pink cube vase and for me, a $20 gift card, which I have no reservation using with them. I feel the situation was completely rectified and my best friend got a dining room table full of 60 tulips, instead of 30. Everyone’s happy!

[the PINK cube].

Her boyfriend better step up his “dozen roses” game, I send sixty!! ;)


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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