happy presidents day.

I love extra-long weekends. And I love that this one was super relaxing.

Friday night:

Jeff & I met at McSorley’s Old Ale House, America’s oldest operating pub. I have had this place on my “must do” list since moving to New York over a year ago. I’m a beer lover [among other things] and I appreciate history. While you’re here, order your beer [light or dark are the ONLY options], enjoy the Irish accordion music, and stand where some of America’s greatest have stood [Abe Lincoln, John Lennon, Teddy Roosevelt].


It was beautiful, tears were shed, and I would recommend to anyone. It’s a great [based on a true] story. It doesn’t hurt that Channing Tatum is gorgeous.


We took our time waking up; got coffee and made breakfast.

From there, the day was spent relaxing [working, a little] and thank you ABC Family ..Harry Potter Weekend. I have not read a single Harry Potter book, nor have I ever been interested in the movies. But during my family vacation in Orlando, I got to experience “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” which was amazing. The amount of detail was incredible; you really felt as though you had been transformed. So, when we saw “Harry Potter Weekend” come on ..I was curious what all the fuss was about. Needless to say we watched the first three movies …

[And I got a new app on my phone:)]


Jeff made breakfast, including my favorite ..chocolate chip pancakes! We then went shopping. And I went a little stripe crazy. [It could have been much worse].

After contemplating a night out, we quickly decided on a “sunday funday” night in. [I had to get my next Harry Potter movie in]. We came to this conclusion at 7:50PM, looked out the window, saw our neighborhood liquor store was open, and went running. Thank goodness we ran. We arrived at 7:56PM, surprisingly enough 4 minutes before closing time.

[We’re Sam Adams fans. & Jeff made me a late night grilled cheese].

I am refreshed & ready to go back to work tomorrow. But in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the rest of my Monday off.

[Happy Presidents Day All].


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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