the joys of being sick.

I HATE being sick. [I don’t know a single soul who enjoys it]. But I don’t fare well being “under the weather”. The real issues began here ..

I moved out of my parent’s house and into my first ‘parent-free’ place (a glamorous college dorm). Everything was fine & dandy, until ..I got strep throat. Someone could have told me the first time getting sick away from home is AWFUL. Instead I learned the hard way. Poor mom received call after call from me sobbing about how much pain I was in and how I wanted to go home, because I probably wouldn’t survive. [holy dramatic]. Well, I did live. But I was traumatized. I knew from then on I couldn’t be sick without someone around who knew how horrible I am with sickness.

Yesterday I woke up feeling AWFUL. The works: sore throat, migraine, sniffles, cough, body aches. Lucky for me, (unlucky for him) I have Jeff to the rescue. [I am a grrreat caretaker in return]. Let’s see – he made me lunch, got me a heating pad, let me be in control of the remote, found me some suitable medicine, brought me a fan (in result of my complaining of being too hot), covered me up, and photographed me [rude] ..

Jeff: “After taking care of you sick, I am going to prepared for kids. They’ll be easy!

He always knows what to say to make me feel better. Ha! No but really, thank you Jeff. I know I am a peach when I’m sick :)

(PS – my mom did get a phone call as well).



About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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