fly me to san diego, and make me work.

On August 4th, I hopped on a flight from New York to sunny San Diego. I must say even though it was a work trip was really nice to escape the concrete jungle for a few days.

The conference – BlogHer ’11. The name speaks directly to what the conference is – women bloggers ..over 3,000. Let’s just say, I didn’t hate being stuck in the convention center for 12+ hours a day, x3.

I could be found ..

here with Jimmy Dean.

And ..

here with Hillshire Farms.

But in addition to working really hard.. there was a lot of fun to be had & several “celebrity” encounters @ BlogHer ’11.

Giuliana Rancic - E! news host.

Ok – don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic to meet Giuliana. She’s beautiful, gets to stand next to Ryan Seacrest, and every time I watch her show, “Giuliana & Bill” I get teary eyed. BUT the celebrity encounters improve from here (at least according to me).

The star of the new Hillshire Farm commercials is Wendi McLendon-Covey (best known for her recent role as Rita in Bridesmaids and in Reno 911).

Please watch this Hillshire Farm commercial []. While watching pay close attention to the dance move she busts out ..if you do, you’ll appreciate my photo ..because I asked to do it with her :)

just rockin' out w/ Wendi. NBD :)

Who hasn’t had their Jimmy Dean breakfast this morning?” Can you guess the next “celebrity” encounter? Oh yeah ..THE SUN himself!! For those of you who don’t think he’s a celebrity (BEN!!!) & the others who need a refresher! —> []

"YOU bring a ray of sunshine to my day - love the sun"

And last, but certainly not least – the Swiffer “Dust Dude”. You know? The commercial “living at the corner of J & K, spending too many nights alone at the space bar”. Forgot? Watch! —> []. There is ALSO a story that must come before this photo. The Swiffer staff asked if I wanted a picture with him ..of course I did ..clearly I love commercial celebrities. BUT I had met the Jimmy Dean Sun first, so I showed the dust man (the picture of the sun & I) inquiring whether he could top the sun’s photo. He was very confident he could. Little did I know. We posed for a normal “we’ve known each other for 3 minutes tops” picture. Next thing I know …

up in the air I go - holding on for dear life.

After the picture, he puts me down and asks ..”was that better?” HA – Swiffer Dust Man I have a special place in my heart for you! :)

There were so many amazing companies represented at BlogHer ..with fun booths & GREAT GIVEAWAYS. Just ask my suitcase & Jeff how much I acquired while I was in San Diego for 3 days!

the "swag".

PS – Thank you Uncle Craig, Aunt Tami, and cousins Connor, Hannah, & Garrett for making the trip down to San Diego from the OC to have dinner with me on Saturday night. And for showing me Coronado isn’t a Mexican restaurant but an island (HA). I LOVED getting to see all of you!! Thank you again :)


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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5 Responses to fly me to san diego, and make me work.

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  3. Tami Cahill says:

    Great blog Chels…Love your sense of humor in addition to all the other great qualities we all know and love about you. Next time your in town we’ll defintely do it again.. Who knows what we’ll find for food next…the choices are endless and good!

  4. Courtney says:

    I missed Giuliana?! This is what I get for hiding out in my hotel room, eating cupcakes.

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