6 months.

It is crazy to think that tomorrow [August 2nd] marks 6 months I have lived in New York. I remember people always telling me as a kid “before you know it ..” simply implying that time goes by at an incredible speed, BUT I never believed them. It felt like I waited centuries to turn 16 [& get my license] or to turn 18 [& graduate high school]. I believe now – you start college and time must double. (Lesson learned: enjoy every second and look forward to every day, not something FAR in the future, because the more you wish time away ..the faster it goes). And on we go ..

So my last post was 5 months ago (wow!) and much as happened. It would take too much time to recap, but in short ..Jeff & I have had MANY visitors & have taken full advantage of the excitement that is New York City. Instead of recapping w/ lengthy paragraphs, I’ll stick w/ pictures. [See below – the past 5 months].

my best friend, Ashley, came to visit in March.

Jeff & I moved :)

said GOODBYE to our Astoria apt in April.

Putting the “Jersey Shore”/”Jerseylicious” stereotypes aside – we looked, found, and rented in NEW JERSEY. My commute is now 15 mins to work (vs. the 60 mins when we lived in Queens) and we found a gorgeous apartment, w/ amazing amenities.

hello new apartment :)

our 1st night in our new place. (w/ the NYC skyline in the background).

In June I finally convinced my parents to come visit, and we all got a pleasant surprise when we found out my brother was coming too. Jeff’s dad & brother also came out the same weekend .. we had a BIT of fun!

Reunited <3

Jeff w/ his brother & dad at the Yankees vs Rockies game.

my dad LOVES the Yankees. & Cole is a Rockies fan.

That same weekend, my friends, Ashley & Tyler were in NYC. So we met up w/ them for dinner & a trip to the top of the Rockefeller building.

I clearly didn't get the memo.

THEN – Jeff’s parents came out to NYC, because Jeff scored 4 tickets to the one & only PAUL McCARTNEY @ Yankee Stadium. 1 word: AMAZING!!

Jeff's parents - on our way to Yankee Stadium.

Sir Paul McCartney :)

And last weekend, my best friend Kristy came to visit. [I told you, Jeff & I have had a full apartment this summer – we have loved every second of it].

we were grilling out - she was posing as a bud light ad :)

When we are guest-less: Jeff & I have had our fair share of NY fun. Just to name a few ..

@ the USA vs Argentina Men's soccer game. (it was freezing).

Mets game.

my 1st Yankees game :)

Dispatch concert @ Red Bull Stadium.

4th of July fireworks over Manhattan on our boardwalk.

Women's World Cup Finals game - watched in Times Square!!

@ Coney Island (yesterday).

Now that we’re up-to-speed – Jeff made up our dry erase calendar for August this morning, and boy oh boy it is going to be a busy month. Starting with a work trip to San Diego this weekend and ending with a “birthday vacation” to Miami [Jeff & I both turn a year older @ the end of the month, 27th & 28th]. The adventure continues .. :)


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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