“what can happen in 1 month?”

the night before my move to NYC

A little over a month ago, I was recently graduated and living at home with my parents ..very few cares in the world. Then January 7th rolled around ..the day before I got on my one-way flight to New York City. I won’t ever be able to describe with words what I was feeling that day, but with any drastic life change ..there were ups & downs; excited for the new chapter ahead, but sad to close the books on the one before. Yet, I never once regretted the decision to jump head first out of college and into NYC.

Well here I am ..37 days into ‘Chapter New York’ and I am loving it. No matter what is to come, I couldn’t be happier with my decision! Now, let’s recap …. :)

I arrived at LaGuardia airport late on January 8th and Jeff was there to greet me (& snap a ‘fresh off the plane’ picture).

"AHHH I made it!!!"

On day 1, I was lucky enough to experience traffic in the city. Let’s just say, I am so happy to NOT have a car here. Besides the overwhelming traffic (I’m from IOWA), drivers do not pay any attention to lane lines. I had my eyes closed the majority of the car ride.

woo hoo nyc

The first 2 weeks were spent here …

the fun of job searching.

Mucho coffee, loads of job posts, and sixteen days later ..I had my first interview!! Which coincidentally ended up being my first & only interview, because ..seven days later I started my job as an Account Coordinator at a marketing firm. And I love my job; the people, the work, the perks, and the location ..

I work on Wall Street :)

I guess I’m just proof that not everyone who works on Wall Street is a wealthy, investment banker. HA :)

A few other odds & ends of my ‘Chapter New York’ 37 days in …

Bryant Park.

And when Jeff & I made our first dinner, we pulled out all the stops …

shells & cheese ...and some delicious wine :)

Fortunately during my time of ‘unemployment/job searching,’ I had a lot of time on my hands so I stepped up my cooking game. I visited my Irish roots by making shepard’s pie, which I believe was delicious. And since New York has had its worst winter, what is better than some spicy chili?

yummmm :)

I love the weekends ..quality time w/ my roommates! And when Jeff is away on business, I force myself upon my others, David & Annie and their outings! Two weeks ago, we went out for dinner and to a little dive bar for drinks in the village, and …I had my first celebrity spotting!!

John Mayer; in all of his poorly groomed, but still great glory!

Picture time … :)

central park :) rainy day in the city.

night out in our neighborhood :)

the Kardashian's boutique in SoHo.

"I love my new city!!!!" :)


About chelset

Born and raised Iowan ..uprooting my life and moving to the big city. Many adjustments will be made along the way ..but what's life without some risk?
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3 Responses to “what can happen in 1 month?”

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  2. chelset says:

    I don’t know if New York City is ready for you & Jeff together. But I definitely think you should come visit!! & as far as the cooking blog, ask Jeff ..I am extremely lacking in the culinary department. Or I’m just to lazy to grocery shop & cook nice meals every night. I’ll need to explore a different niche!

  3. Joeeeeee says:

    love the blog chelssss…. take some advice from “Julie & Julia,” or whatever the movie is and blog about your BIG CITY cooking haha…. i hope to come and visit soon:)

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